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Zero Waste Lifestyle: The Sustainable Habits

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I just started practicing sustainable habits that can cure the damage to our health and the environment. Today let me share some of my zero-waste lifestyle: sustainable habits that you should try!

Zero-Waste has been discussed for almost a decade. It could be the ancestors did it way back before the modern era. But still, no one does it. Why? Maybe because the head of one organization doesn’t like it or the local community does want to change for a better reason. Everything has reasons. Good reason that we need much more learning about this kind of lifestyle.

Let’s get into it!

Zero Waste doesn’t mean zero. For all this time, we really can’t turn plastics or garbages away in faraway land like in fantasy movies. We need better learning, small action, and one mindset to create less impact. Most of it is traveling without ease, satisfying your food cravings, complete your fashion collection, etc. 

Going Paperless

When you think of Paperless, It quite hard to do if you love journaling, studying a new language in a week, or maybe you love reading books. These are the main functions of paper in our daily lifestyle. The smell of paper has two meanings. You put words into it like vintage kind of love letters. Another one is you need to learn more subjects in school to take notes for an exam.

However, Going paperless can be the most essential you need for every single day. When I was practicing living a minimalist lifestyle, I feel much closer to my goal-saving more money. Going Paperless is easier than you think.

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Benefits of Going Paperless

Less Paper Waste

You don’t need to buy your new favorite novel in a bookstore(this is useful if you want to save more money). Instead, choose the e-book options to collect your favorite reading every month.

You don’t need to write every single word you see while studying. You can also take a note list in your phone preparing your ingredients per week for your meal.

Eat Fruits Once A Week

Eating fruits are very hard to keep up. It feels like a commitment to our body to be more healthy fit. Nevertheless, you have enough money to buy fruits to add to your diet. It was a personal choice. But still, I recommend eating fruits twice a month only if you don’t have any budget to fit your body goals in a short time.

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It will be the best healthy nutrition you can do once in a while you keep on craving sweets that harms your glass skin goals for this year. You can pair up 2-3 fruits at the same time during your lunch or dinner and even snack meal. Eat it directly or make another food in it. You can create schedule for your fruit flavor combinations.

Upgraded your DIYs

Who says old clothes make you a beggar? No, not me anymore. Old clothes that same as vintage clothes are one of the treasures in fashion. Without it, you’ll not learn the basics of garments’ care. Upgrading your DIYs are fun and less time-consuming. You can start right in your doors.

DIYs don’t only refer to garments or fabrics that we do but also within all the things you can found in your house. From shipping box couriers, home decors, up to old clothes are reusable. One proof that you can change a little more convenient choices your own needs.

Make Your Own Travel Fund

One of the top money savers in the world. In point of your life. I knew you did this before and still doing it until today. Say yes if you agree. I agree to a lot! Making your travel fund has enough security for your future travel needs. All you need to have is a mason jar. You can get it from your reused jars from coffee blends, kitchen ingredients, food packagings, etc.

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One mason jar can change your travel life. Discipline is all you need to achieve zero-waste habits while traveling. Although, glass jars are prone to breaking into pieces. You can try having ceramics or make your kind of travel fund in tin cans.


Zero Waste always starts with reduce, reuse and recycle along with the community. For me, what I usually do is reusing old garments, hankies, pots, etc. It’s a good start to think over than nothing. Repurposing crafts are great in pocket money for travel as, long as you decided to follow your intuition in helping the community, you will get better at it.

While you practice zero-waste, you will eventually learn how to be conscious of your daily habits. Aside from that, recreating the vision zero waste lifestyle is effective when teamwork is working. Having less impact is still better than abandoning forever the usually beautiful natural state of one place. Are you ready? Check this blog post to learn more.

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